Artificial grass

Custom designed spaces using artificial grass, for long lasting and long wearing surfaces.

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Artificial turf has come a long way in recent years, and manufacturers have developed a number of ways of making artificial turf look more like the real thing.


  • Because no water, mowing, fertilizer, or pest control is required, the long-term costs associated with artificial turf are low. All you need to do is occasionally remove any debris.
  • Artificial turf won’t develop spots or bare patches due to urine and is less susceptible to digging or damage from pets. Cleaning up pet mess is a simple matter on artificial turf since it drains well and can be washed easily.
  • Trees can easily be planted within artificial turf. Trees will grow beautifully surrounded by artificial grass. By contrast, trees can pose a challenge to the health of living turfgrass.


  • Installing artificial turf can costs about twice as much as installing normal grass. For this reason, many people use artificial turf to create lawn areas only in the places where they plan on entertaining, walking, or actually using the lawn.
  • The nylon or polymer used to make artificial grass can heat up in the sunshine, which can be painful on pets paws. Artificial turf is most pet-friendly when it is in the shade.
  • While artificial turf is becoming more beautiful every year, it still doesn’t look and feel 100% identical to a living lawn. When considering artificial turf, it’s a good idea to view samples from multiple manufacturers to choose the one that looks best to you.

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